Director’s message: Expanding care, honoring a legacy

All of us at Zufall Health are heartbroken by the recent passing of our co-founder Robert “Dr. Bob” Zufall, MD. He remained active in our health center until the very end of his life, leaving us all with cherished memories. I hope you’ll take moment to read his full obituary, in which he is posthumously quoted: “In a happy and productive life, [founding the clinic] was the most satisfying thing that [Kay and I] did.”

Dr. Bob and Kay’s leadership continues to inspire us as we expand our services. Currently, we’re focusing on dental and pediatric care. Our newly added dental facilities in Somerville and Plainsboro are nearing completion, while a program integrating dental and cardiovascular health is underway, thanks to the Henry Shein Cares Foundation. We are also progressing on plans for a permanent facility at Franklin Middle School that will include much-needed medical, dental, and behavioral health facilities for students, their families, and the community. Proceeds from this year’s Be Well Benefit will support our school-based expansion, while honoring Dr. Bob and Kay.

After a long delay, a March decision in Congress keeps our federal health center funding secure for now. As you may know, Zufall’s federal funding through the Health Resources and Services Administration is subject to periodic Congressional review. However, this funding accounts for less than a fifth of Zufall’s budget, making fundraising from private sources critical to our sustainability.

As always, we thank the Zufall Health Foundation Board of Trustees for their role in raising funds for the health center. I am pleased to share that Peter Wolfson, JD, is now President, while Jeanne Horsey, MSN, steps into the Secretary position and Bill Shuler moves to Treasurer. If you or someone you know is a good fit for service for our Foundation Board, I encourage you to reach out to me this spring.

Be Well!